Basics of Practice

1. What is Shodai? Read
2. What is Gokuyo? Read
3. What is Gohonzon? Read
4. What is Karma? Read
5. What is Benefit? Read
6. What is Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo? Read
7. What is Buddhism? Read
8. What are the Three Treasures? Read
9. What are the Three Great Secret Laws? Read
10. What is the practice of true Buddhism? Read
11. What is the Purpose of Faith 1. Buddhahood? Read
12. What is the Purpose of Faith 2. Kosen-rufu? Read
13. What is the Purpose of Faith 3. Faith, Practice, and Study? Read
14. What kind of Buddhist altar do we have in our homes? Read
15. Who is Nichiren Daishonin? Read
16. Who is Shakyamuni Buddha? Read
17. Does Buddhism teach the existence of a supreme being or God? Read
18. Does Nichiren Shoshu teach silent meditation? Read

Oko Ceremony

“Oko” generally means a ritual assembly to recite sutras, to offer prayers, and to preach the teachings of Buddhism in order to praise a particular Buddha or object of worship. In Nichiren Shoshu, we conduct the Oko Ceremony to repay our debt of gratitude for the profound benefit of the three treasures: Nichiren Daishonin (the Buddha), the Dai-Gohonzon (the Law), and Nikko Shonin (the priesthood).

The concept of acknowledging and repaying debts of gratitude, which is basic to the spirit of the Oko Ceremony, is essential to a correct understanding of true Buddhism and our own lives.

The Oko Ceremony is conducted at the Head Temple Taisekiji three times during the month: on the seventh to commemorate the memorial anniversary of the Second High Priest, Nikko Shonin, who established the Head Temple; on the 13th, which is the memorial day of the True Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin; and on the 15th to mark the memorial of the Third High Priest, Nichimoku Shonin. The Oko Ceremony at Myoshoji Temple is held on 2nd Sunday of the month, it has the same significance as the three ceremonies held at the Head Temple.

Myoshoji Temple Oko Lectures

2017 August Admonition against Arrogance English 中文 日本語
July Sickness and Faith English 中文 日本語
June Upholding the Correct Attitude in Faith at One’s Last Moment of Life(Rinjū shōnen) English 中文 日本語
May The Three Periods of Propagation: the Former, Middle, and Latter Days of the Law English 中文 日本語
April An Excellent Master, the Excellent Law, And an Excellent Believer English 中文 日本語
March On “Protection from Without” English 中文 日本語
February The Significance of Passing Down the Faith to Our Progeny English 中文 日本語
January Lessons to be Learned from the Hokkeko Believers of Atsuwara English 中文 日本語
2016 December The Importance of Doing Shakubuku English 中文 日本語
November Transferring Benefits through the Gohonzon (Ekō) English 中文 日本語
October Meaning of Oeshiki Ceremony and Shakubuku and Ikusei English 中文 日本語
September Gonan-e Ceremony English 日本語
August The Objective of Faith English 中文 日本語
July The Offering of the Law and The Offering of Material Treasures English 中文 日本語